Saturday, July 25, 2009


G'day Mates!

Welcome back to our McTravels. After a wonderful 3 weeks in Sacramento and then back down to LA for a fun filled weekend, Emlyn and I boarded our flight to the land of OZ. I will say that for the first time in my life I was having a wicked case of flight anxiety. With a few crashes this summer and as sad as it sounds my obsession with LOST, I was fighting racing thoughts the few days before take off. As we arrived at LAX at 9:30 the anxiety was subsiding and the excitement was kicking in. This soon changed when we realized that our 11:30 pm flight was postponed until 1 am!! I called mom to help ease my nerves, she tried her hardest but I still wigged out. Might I suggest that if you are planning on boarding a flight with 300 people don't begin crying frantically in the terminal!

The most insane part about it was that it ended up being the best flight of my LIFE! I was seated by the emergency exit! Hella leg room! And Qantas had the genius idea of making the in flight entertainment ON DEMAND! I had movies, CDs and games all at my will! If it had not been a night flight I could have played the whole 13 hours.

Upon landing we went through customs and were our the door of Brisbane int'l within 30 minutes. Todd (Our brother) had said he would pick us up there in "the van". Sure enough he pulls up in what was a white version of the DARHMA vans (If you don't watch LOST by now you either need to get the DVD or stop reading this blog)

We stopped by a great organic bakery and then took the 1.5 hour drive to Chillingham. This place is amazing! I never thought I would see my bother with 24 cattle, 4 horses, a dog, a cat and the cutest little boy EVER! Not to mention a totally hot wife with a sexy aussie accent!

Their awesome house sits on 37 ares of beautiful landscape. Since it is winter here right now everything is green and lush. Rylan (our nephew) has it made growing up here!

We are now closing our third day down under with a yummy home cook pasta dish and a movie! Yesterday we visited the beach and walked around Murwillumbah, the local town next to Chillingham. Today we played frisbee in the park and then headed back to the best bon fire EVER!!

I will keep updating more frequently to avoid these long winded posts and as soon as possible will get some photos and videos up!

Much love hugs and kisses to all,



  1. Might I suggest you change the world clock? And perhaps put up another photo? One of you killing a croc or jumping in a field of joeys.

  2. sup me lady you are a day ahead of me that is weird you are in the future