Friday, May 29, 2009

Some more McPics for your viewing

Here Comes the Sun (Do do do do)

I might be the most contagious person to ever grace this green earth! At this moment, Emlyn lies in her bed upstairs barley clinging to life. I, again sit in the office, this time listening to Opa play the Saxophone. Wait, maybe that's Oma.

Last night Koen came over around 8 pm and we hung out until about midnight. It was so much fun catching up! He has not changed a bit. He said the same of us, only that we grew taller...It was strange to not have to whisper after Oma & Opa went to sleep. I am so accustomed to being at home in Granite Bay where my mom hears a spider crawling on the marble floor or if I arrive from the bars any later than 11 pm my only way in is through the doggie door!! Hey, at least I still fit!

This morning I woke up around 8:30 because our younger cousin Karen came over for the day. She wanted Emlyn and I to take her shopping. Hmmmm. Shopping in Tienen?! We went around to the "boutiques" and drug stores, the extent of shopping Tienen. We finished with a drink on one of many terraces that fill the town square. Since Emlyn was not feeling well she stuck with a Fanta. As for me...well...I'm in freakin' Belgium! Beer please! 11 am in Belgium is 5 pm somewhere else in the world right?!

The weather is slowly getting better so Emlyn, Karen and I sat out in the front yard and bathed in the sun...true Cali style :)

I think now since everyone else is occupied with other things I will go to the park and film! This evening we are going to Koen's house to play Texas Hold 'em...Since I don't play poker I am just going to hang out, take photos and drink some Vino!!

Tot Straks,

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Morning!! 10 am still counts right?!

After passing out at 9 pm, Emlyn and I rose from our coma to eat another delicious breakfast. Now Emlyn is in the shower and I am sitting in the office relaxing and listening to Opa play the piano. He is amazing!

I still have a pretty horrible cough and rumor is I may have passed it along in the States...oooops! I am trying to play down this sickness so that Oma isn't convinced I have Swine Flu.

Annemie is taking the train to Tienen and will arrive around noon. We will spend the afternoon with her and then in the evening we will see our friend Koen!!

Keep it McReal! (This is getting Mcout of control!)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arrived Safely

Let the McTravels begin!!!

The little boy next to us was named Ari!!

Dunkin Doughnuts in DC, they doughnuts sucked!! But the coffee was yummers.

On the way back from the aiport, nice and sunny.

The view from our mom's childhood bedroom window. Raining!!!

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, these keyboards are NUTS!!

Lauren and I have arrived safe and sound in Tienen at Opa and Oma's house. We told the man at customs that our mom is from Belgium, and he gave us a warm "welcome home!". We felt great after coming off the plane, or so we thought. Throughout the day we have each nodded off several times trying to fight the jet lag. We are doing our best, but will probably both be in bed by 9.

It was the makings of a beautiful sunny day here in Belgium, but we all know that tends not to last and by mid afternoon it was raining outside. We do not mind though, Belgium is as beautiful and green as ever.

We have already enjoyed 3 yummy meals of bread and nutella, chicken and potoatoes, and bread and strawberries. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH BREAD! Today we saw four of our younger cousins and one aunt and uncle, and tomorrow we see another aunt. It is very exciting to be reunited with our family.

Well, more for later, and pictures soon too!

Much love,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting ready - getting lost in details.

Sunday night and time to pack. Not that easy when you're still a little hung over from celebrating various gradautions.

Before I leave I still enjoy a home cooked meal of roasted asparagus and salmon.
But back to packing. Seriously: 50 lbs limit on a suitcase for a month long trip overseas . How can any woman deal with these rediculously unrealistic restrictions. Doh!

Emlyn calls and calls and wants to know how to pack, what to pack, who will bring shampoo, what to do on the plane, whether to get a haircut, blah blah blah blah blah. Mom is trying to stay calm with all of it. Then she gives us a total visial of what is already packed. While we eat salmon.