Thursday, July 30, 2009

Noosa Head

So golfing was AWESOME! We played the back 9 holes of a beautiful course just outside of Chillingham. Started at around 2:30 and finished putting the 9th hole with the last trace of sunlight. Emlyn and Todd were severely defeated by Ryan (Todd's friend) and I! We finished the game off with two rounds of beer in the lodge. I will defiantly be playing more golf when I head back to LA.

Yesterday we went into to town to buy Todd's first ever horse saddle and run a few other errants. Later in the afternoon Em, Todd and I took a hike up through the natural bridge. Really beautiful area and time for some Mcbonding! After the hike we stopped by the park for a frisbee session and avocado picking. We managed to get 12 avocados from one tree, saving us a grand total of 8 dollars!

This morning we feed the cows their weekly molasses treat and packed for Noosa Head ( The town where Tiffany's dad lives). When we were here back in 2001 we stayed in Noosa for a few days so I am looking forward to returning. Cute little beach town with some awesome markets. Which means time to keep my eyes peeled for Dad's new fanny pack and possibly bomb deals on Ugg boots!

Until next post,

Lauren & Emlyn

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  1. Ugg boots? Hmmm, maybe I do wnat you to bring me something back. I can put the money in your account!