Monday, June 22, 2009

London Called...

Well here we are back from London. I am beyond exhausted. It was a really fun experience for both of us. We did not push ourselves as hard in London as we did in Paris. We were able to use the underground and the double deckers with our day pass, so we hopped on at every opportunity. Since our Paris bike tour was such a FANTASTIC experience we decided to go with the same company in London. Although the tour was not as advanced as the Paris tour we still were able to see the main sites such as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abby. If I had to make one comparison between London and Paris it would be that Paris has an epic history and London's history is inspired and hilarious. those people were crazy about their punishment for crime!

The food in London was exactly what I expected. Salty, heavy and by the end exhausting. I don't know how the Brit's are not as fat as the American's with their diet. By the last day we were pretty much stuck on sandwiches. Pret was a nice sandwich shop that was on just about every corner. I think we ate there three out of the four days.

If you go to London SEE A PLAY!! More so SEE AVENUE Q! That show was hilarious from beginning to end. I am a huge theater fan, let alone musical theater so it was really a treat! Not only that but since we are students (I still have my ID and I'm going to abuse it till I am old enough for the senior discount) we got 39 pound seats for 20 pounds! Such a bargain!

Our accommodations were beyond amazing. We have distant relative that own a cozy bed and breakfast just outside central London. We were able to stay there the first two nights. On our third night we were supposed to stay with Emlyn's fraternity "brother" but decided against it seeing as he lived an hour away from central London and we wanted to spend our last day site seeing. I think this might have bothered her friend but we really appreciated his time will us during the first couple of days. This decision did leave us homeless at 7pm so we began to frantically wonder the city in search of boarding. The fluster was quickly eased by a pint of cider and the decision to book a 42 pound hotel based on some pictures off a website. When we arrive at the station we realized our hotel was smack dab in the middle of NOTTING HILL!! This is not to mention the fact that we charmed the pants off the clerk who in return booked us in the room with a park view! Good ol' McGovern smile :)

London is like the LA of Europe. The fashion, music and culture has a bit of the same feel. I felt the people were much more friendly then in Paris. I am going to make my best efforts to return for the Summer 2012 olympics with Marissa. It has been an ongoing dream of ours to volunteer at the summer olympics ever since 2004. We need to make it finally happen! 2012 is our year I can feel it!

Sorry this post is so wacked out in format but I am going off pure memory and lack of sleep. I think my jet lag for the return trip kicked in last night. I tossed and turned till 5:30 am!!! Maybe even past that because it began to get light outside and the birds started to chirp!! Do not know what my deal is. I have had an amazing time here in Europe and really do cherish all the memories.

On Thursday we board the plane at noon and arrive in LA around 6:45 PM. We will spend a few days schlepping around LA to the beach and such. Then Sunday we head to San Diego to move Emlyn into her new apartment and celebrate her 21st birthday! From there I drive back up to Sacramento just in time for a wild 4th of July celebration! Really looking forward to seeing all my Sac friends and continuing a great summer!

Stay tuned for the Australia part of the blog, beginning around July 20th! Thanks for following!

Much Love,

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