Thursday, May 28, 2009


Morning!! 10 am still counts right?!

After passing out at 9 pm, Emlyn and I rose from our coma to eat another delicious breakfast. Now Emlyn is in the shower and I am sitting in the office relaxing and listening to Opa play the piano. He is amazing!

I still have a pretty horrible cough and rumor is I may have passed it along in the States...oooops! I am trying to play down this sickness so that Oma isn't convinced I have Swine Flu.

Annemie is taking the train to Tienen and will arrive around noon. We will spend the afternoon with her and then in the evening we will see our friend Koen!!

Keep it McReal! (This is getting Mcout of control!)



  1. I won a bet with myself. One of the first 2 blogs from Belgium would be in the middle of the night. Got it!
    I really like this blog stuff. Check it first thing in the morning and right after work. Love the pictures. Still miss the frequent phone calls but this is a close second.

  2. Flemish dictionary:
    Tienen = Mom's hometown
    Opa = Mom's dad
    Oma = Mom's mom
    Nutella = you should be ashamed if you don't know this one - get some culture!
    Annemie = Mom's sister
    Koen = nephew of Mom's best friend/neighbor in Tienen - we've known him since early childhood trips to Belgium

    You're welcome.

  3. Wow, meeting Koen!!!! Is looking for trouble.....

  4. Marco said (dict.: husband of Annemie, Emlyn's godmother) Nice to read Lauren's Belgian diary, I hope to meet the two girls "live in Flanders" with or without the music of George Harrison.