Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting ready - getting lost in details.

Sunday night and time to pack. Not that easy when you're still a little hung over from celebrating various gradautions.

Before I leave I still enjoy a home cooked meal of roasted asparagus and salmon.
But back to packing. Seriously: 50 lbs limit on a suitcase for a month long trip overseas . How can any woman deal with these rediculously unrealistic restrictions. Doh!

Emlyn calls and calls and wants to know how to pack, what to pack, who will bring shampoo, what to do on the plane, whether to get a haircut, blah blah blah blah blah. Mom is trying to stay calm with all of it. Then she gives us a total visial of what is already packed. While we eat salmon.


  1. You guys are in LA and I already miss you!
    I truly wish you all the fun and most amazing advertures, and above all many memories you will be able to cherish together. I am so proud of all you have already accomplished in your lives.

  2. Just spoke to you 20 minutes past. The airline started boarding and you leave in about 5 @ 7:55. Enjoy everything and I look forward to each blog entry. Love you dearly and see you in 4.

  3. Hi - how the Mc are you two?? It's great to hear about your fun travels and family time. Pistachio we hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see more Mcpics. Love, Sandra & Stu (DSP bro)