Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arrived Safely

Let the McTravels begin!!!

The little boy next to us was named Ari!!

Dunkin Doughnuts in DC, they doughnuts sucked!! But the coffee was yummers.

On the way back from the aiport, nice and sunny.

The view from our mom's childhood bedroom window. Raining!!!

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, these keyboards are NUTS!!

Lauren and I have arrived safe and sound in Tienen at Opa and Oma's house. We told the man at customs that our mom is from Belgium, and he gave us a warm "welcome home!". We felt great after coming off the plane, or so we thought. Throughout the day we have each nodded off several times trying to fight the jet lag. We are doing our best, but will probably both be in bed by 9.

It was the makings of a beautiful sunny day here in Belgium, but we all know that tends not to last and by mid afternoon it was raining outside. We do not mind though, Belgium is as beautiful and green as ever.

We have already enjoyed 3 yummy meals of bread and nutella, chicken and potoatoes, and bread and strawberries. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH BREAD! Today we saw four of our younger cousins and one aunt and uncle, and tomorrow we see another aunt. It is very exciting to be reunited with our family.

Well, more for later, and pictures soon too!

Much love,


  1. Wow, that view from the window looks quite different than years ago. I rememember no houses and no trees, just endless fields of green, wheat, corn, sugarbeets and even cows.
    The rain, however, is only too familiar.
    Get some good McSleep tonight so you're ready for some shenanigans tomorrow.
    Love, Mom

  2. Dude! Thats nuts that you sat next to Ari! hahaha

  3. Hi, another family member speaking here ^^
    After talking with your mom on facebook she told me about your trip to belgium.
    Sow I'm now waiting to see you guys euhm girls srry ^^ for real.
    since i'm living really close to Leuven you should come by and drop a visit we'll be waiting :p

  4. I love this blog thing, but I check it way too often, even though I know you are asleep now.
    I cannot wait to read and see the next blog update. (hint hint)

  5. Hi Lauren and Emlyn.
    This block is great! I will watch it daily! I hope you will enjoy Belgium and it's people. And let us know if you drop by....
    I just brought Anse , Maarten and Hannah to the airport. They have been staying for more or less 10 days.
    Kisses from Cascais xxx