Saturday, August 8, 2009

Picture time

This slideshow contains pictures from a few different places:
-At Bonnie's house picking lemons and having lunch
-Out at the Byron lighthouse
-Ryan's house for a BBQ and a little BEER PONG lesson from the American ladies

Lauren will have a blog up shortly explaining our last few days, enjoy!



  1. Those are some a-m-a-z--i-n-g photos. Wow!
    Funny about the beer pong. I wonder if they will spread the fun!

  2. Great pics! They bring back many nice memories (Byron Bay lighthouse, Bonnie's mountain top and lemon picking). Byron Bay lighthouse is really a beautiful spot. So cleanand bright! One can see Mt. Warning in the background on a clear day. Why no pics from the Poodle? For a cafe outside of Belgium it really has a nice selection of Belgium brews (Check internet).