Sunday, August 9, 2009

No skin off my back, Well maybe a little

Last Tuesday Emlyn and I went with Todd on his weekly delivery for his business. Most of his deliveries are along the Gold coast so after all the work we were able to head to Surfer's paradise to hang around the beach. While we were there we were able to see the Naked Nai'a. This is the boat that Todd traveled the world on for years. He sold it a few years ago to start buying property and begin his family. The last time Emlyn and I visited Australia we traveled the Barrier Reef for 3 weeks on the Nai'a. Good memories on that boat! After all the work and play we had an awesome lunch at a Belgian pub called the Pink Poodle! 

Wednesday I took my shortest horse ride ever! I rode Todd's pony out of the first gate and everything was fine. He was trotting along and I was having a blast. But as soon as the second gate opened all hell broke loose. The details to my knowledge are sketchy and nobody else saw it but from what I remember the horse took off full speed going up a hill. I was tugging at the rein for him to slow down but I knew it wasn't going to work. As the horse took off faster my feet slipped out of the stirrups and I knew I was going to have to bail. It was just where and when I was going to do it that I had to decide. Everything in between the decision to bail and the precision landing is a blur. I just remember being on the ground in a great deal of pain wondering why the hell my head hurt so damn much! The best part about it is what my helmet looked like! Good thing I was wearing one!

The rest of that day Emlyn & I crashed on the couch and watched How I met your Mother. 

Thursday we were supposed to climb Mount Warning and camp at the top because it was a full moon. But when I woke up I could hardly move my back and I still had a pretty harsh head ache. We decided to take it easy that day and go pick lemons up at Bonnie's property. She has an amazing view right at the top of a mountain that looks out on a huge valley. We sat and enjoyed really yummy veggie burgers and then picked lemons for her to sell in town. That evening we went back to Todd and Tipp's and had a huge bonfire. I must say I am becoming a pro at building bonfires. But my Tahoe girls already know that I build amazing fires!

The next day we headed down to Byron bay for the afternoon. Byron is the town where Tipp grew up so we met up with some of her friends for a delicious lunch at her friends cafe. After the lunch and a bit of window shopping we took a leisure walk up to the Byron Lighthouse. We had to cut the Byron day a bit short to head back in time for Badger's arrival!!

For those of you that don't know Badger (silly nickname huh!) is Tipp's younger brother. When Em and I were in Oz back in 2001 he was on the boat with us for most of the trip. Now, 8 years later he has a beautiful 2 year old son, Noah. Badge arrived in the evening with his girlfriend Liz and baby boy Noah. After we put the two boys to bed we played a game of Cranium ( My first time playing and I am obsessed!)

Saturday we were all invited to Ryan and Alyssa's house for a BBQ and ping pong. Ryan and Alyssa have 4 lovely little girls that immediately took a liking to me. For the entire afternoon I was the human jungle gym. In the evening after the BBQ Em and I busted out the plastic cup and taught the boys how to play beer pong. The best part was that the little girls were better at throwing the pong balls then the grown men!

Yesterday we went to Cram's farm for a BBQ and Frisbee. It was nice to finally play Frisbee where you didn't have to worry about them sinking in a creek or pond. At Cram's farm they have several BBQ pits and picnic tables spread out over acres of property. We scored the pit next to the playground so everyone including the kids had something to do. 

My back is still doing some recovering but I am beginning to realize that I may have upset the same area that landed me in the hospital last summer. Everyone cross your fingers cause back problems at 23 is the LAST thing I need!!! Today marks the beginning of out last week in Chillingham! My how time flies. Next Monday we leave for Sydney. I will be sure to keep you all posted on our last weeks activities! 

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